This is a 30-minute water adjustment class. The child will learn basic water safety, develop comfort in the water, and learn to kick and float. The parent will learn skills to help support their child's adjustment to water and enjoy songs and games. 


YMCA Swim Lessons have been the primary way most children in the United States have learned to swim for more than 100 years. Our program focuses on progression from water discovery to exploration, acclimation, movement, stamina and stroke development. Children will progress through the levels at their individual pace, leading towards water competence and confidence.


Swim Lessons and learning to swim is for all ages. Our staff are trained to offer individual and group instruction to those wanting to learn to swim. Our program is designed for those ages 18 and older to increase comfort around water, learn to swim, or improve current ability.


This 30-minute class is designed as one-on-one instruction to meet your individual swimming needs. Your instructor will assess your skill level and implement the most appropriate instruction tailored to your goals.

Must be active member to register for private swim lessons. 


This 45-minute class is designed to meet the criteria of the Arthritis Foundation's recommendations for water based activity for adults. This class is focused on flexibility, strength and safe water exercise.


The Marlins swim program has been a staple of the YMCA since the 1960’s. Countless leaders from our community have been avid participants in our competitive swim program. The Marlins compete against other YMCA’s across the state in a host of swim distances. Swimmers for decades have developed their skills as a part of the swim team. Our natatorium continues to have swim records posted from decades ago, as our new swimmers aim to set new marks. Our team is founded on the notion that teamwork, support and effort are the foundations of lifelong success.

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