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YMCA Gymnastics teaches children gymnastics skills, confidence, coordination, flexibility and strength. 

It’s high energy fun with quality skill instruction.  Classes are offered to children ages 1 - 18. 

All classes are taught in a fun, safe environment using progressive skill instruction on gymnastics equipment.  Every class emphasizes balance, strength, coordination along with positive encouragement from our Y teaching staff.  Not only do we teach your child the fundamentals of gymnastics, we also focus on the YMCA’s character development traits of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.   

YMCA Gymnastics is available to both members and non-members. 

High Energy Fun! Our YMCA Gymnastics Program is for girls and boys ages three through Kindergarten. It’s an exciting activity where children develop and enhance their gross motor skills needed for kindergarten testing. We use fun gymnastics obstacle courses. Basic gymnastics skills are taught on the floor, bars, beam and vault.


For ages 1-3, this program is a fun, safe environment where children can move freely with a little help from their parents trying out different gymnastics events and skills at their own pace with certified instructors supervising.


Also known as Mommy & Me (or Daddy & Me), our program promotes exercise and fun to create a healthy, happy experience. This class is designed for parents and children ages 1 to 3 years old: This class creates a fun, safe learning environment for parents and children to enjoy participating in gymnastics circuits. New circuits are introduced each week to help teach body positions, flexibility, gripping, motor skills, and basic gymnastics. This is a structured gymnastics class for those looking to learn gymnastics skills.

Preschool level beginner class focused on teaching fundamentals of gymnastics on all 4 apparatus. Children will learn skills such as: Running, board punch, and heel drive on vault. Gripping, swinging, and strength on bars. Independent balance skills, jumps, and holds on balance beam. Technique for handstands, cartwheels, and rolls on floor. 



Preschool advanced level class that uses strength and flexibility learned in the previous class to develop new, more advanced skills such as: pullovers and casts on bars, handstand flatback drills on vault, turns, jumps, and body positions on balance beam, and leaps, bridges, handstands, and cartwheels on floor. Children should have taken Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars prior to registering for this class.

These levels of gymnastics are for children ages 5 and older, and they are progressive in skill development and growth. Beginning students will work in our Bronze Stars class, and work their way through the progressions as they develop greater skill in a variety of gymnastic skills.


Bronze Stars is a school age beginner level class focusing on teaching fundamentals of gymnastics on all 4 apparatus. Children will learn skills such as: effective run and board punch on vault, gripping, swinging, and strength on bars, independent turns, walks, and jumps on balance beam, and rolls, bridges, handstands, and cartwheels on floor.


Silver Stars is a School Age Intermediate Level Class: focuses on teaching development of strength and flexibility. Children will learn skills such as: Handstand flatback drills on vault, casts and back hip circles on bars, leaps, levers, and dismounts on balance beam, and jumps, leaps and roundoffs on floor. Children should have taken Little Stars or Bronze Stars prior to registering for this class.

Gold Stars is a school age advanced level class focusing on: refining previously learned skills as well as developing new, more advanced skills. Children will learn skills such as: front handsprings on tumble track and beginning to use the vault table, leg cuts, connected skills, and rope climbs for bars, balance skills like arabesques, lever handstands, and turns on beam, and bridge kick overs, back rolls to pushup, and handstand forward rolls on floor. Children should have successfully completed Silver Stars prior to registering for this class.


Must be invited by instructor to join this class. Pre-team for ages 5 and up, by invitation only. Athletes asked to join pre-team are those who've shown strong skill level and commitment and have expressed interest in competition. These athletes will learn the skills required for level 2 and 3 competitive team. They will also begin learning level 2 routines. Must have invitation from instructor to register for this class. Evaluations are available by calling the YMCA.


Boys Beginner is designed to promote the love for physical activity in youth. This class has tons of strength building, cardio, balance maneuvers, coordination training , and obstacle fun. It's an exciting way for boys to stay in shape. Boys Advanced is for athletes who have learned the basics and are looking to further their gymnastics education on all 6 men's apparatus.

Private lessons are scheduled with the instructor of choice, and are designed to focus on a skill in need of refinement. Our coaches can provide one-on-one or group instruction to your child, focused on their specific needs.


Our gymnastics team has competed annually at regional and state events, and we've been represented at YMCA National Championship events many times. The competitive team is a one-year program where they focus on their individual skill development and compete with same level children. Levels range from 2 to 9 at competitions. 

Classes are offered year round. A typical session is seven weeks in length. No worries if you missed registration! Registrations are always accepted once a session begins as long as class availability permits.

More than just Gymnastics. We encourage and reinforce social skill development such as listening to the teacher, following instructions, waiting your turn and having good manners.

Attire. Bare feet are best for gymnastics. Leotards or shirt & shorts are recommended. Please no zippers, belts, buckles, skirts or jeans.

To register or find detailed information: Click on the register link at the top for complete gymnastics details, registration information and rates.


Drop in class  Open to anyone 17+, male or female, and any skill level. A pay as you go class where the class is tailored to each individual's abilities. 


A class designed to teach athletes beginner ballet skills, body positions, and technique.



Send an inquiry by clicking here or call or visit your local YMCA during our operating hours. Space is limited, registrations will be first come, first serve.



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